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Keep Your Data, Network and Apps Running

Every business needs IT support, but not every business can afford an in-house IT department. That's where Watchkeep comes in. With our managed IT services, you are free to focus on your core business while Watchkeep keeps your systems, network and apps at peak performance and secure.

Fast, personal support

Your IT Experts

Watchkeep knows how to deliver services quickly and efficiently. Our combination of industry expertise with new technology ensures that customers receive exactly what they need, when they need it. We help with issues like:

  • Day-to-day troubleshooting
  • SysAdmin support and help
  • Access to files, apps and hardware
network and server management

Keep Your Infrastructure Running Securely

Watchkeep's network and server management service is a cost-effective solution for managing your company's expanding office. While wifi speed and accessibility are important, our team of engineers will remotely manage all aspects of your corporate networking system including overseeing:

  • 24/7 monitoring for outages
  • Updating software and security settings
  • Managing equipment lifecycle
device and inventory management

Keep Track of Your Investments

Watchkeep's device standardization service will manage the distribution of patches, upgrades and policies across your devices. We will even suggest proactive ations to help mitigate future compliance issues in order to keep business running efficiently and securely.

  • Tracking of device inventory
  • Management of patches, policies and updates
  • Automatic provisioining

Policies, management and monitoring to secure your business

The threat is real, but we can help

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Average cost of a data breach

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Percentage of all cyberattacks that hit SMBs

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Average cost of IT downtime per minute

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Increase in phishing attacks since COVID-19

Frequently asked questions

Managed IT FAQ

Why do I need Managed IT from Watchkeep?

To ensure your business has a reliable infrastructure that performs at peak capacity. We act as your managed service provider, fully managing and supporting your entire IT environment. If you have an internal IT team, we will be their support system. We deliver software, hardware and 24/7/365 access to service at a predictable fixed price. During the onboarding phase, a Watchkeep specialist will assess your environment and create a custom package of solutions and technology to address areas of need. This includes access to the latest technology and cybersecurity measures.

What do Watchkeep services help my business achieve?
  • A nonexistent or growing IT team
  • Compliance requirements
  • Lack of employee training
  • Lack of a Chief Information Officer
  • Lack of a technology strategy
How will you work with our business after we sign up?

During onboarding, we assess readiness and deployment. We evaluate business processes and develop adoption targets as well as launch and deployment plants including:

  • User guides
  • Training videos
  • Other resources

During the adoption phase, we support integration and change management. We strive to demonstrate the value of solutions and associated services with your staff. We assist with integrating new and existing hardware and software to meet intended business outcomes.

With health checks, our experts will review and confirm performance. We ensure complete service coverage and issue resolution and educate you on new features that will optimize service delivery for your users.

As a trusted partner, we will recommend solutions and services to stay ahead of the technology curve. We are here to help you leverage technology to achieve a competitive advantage. Together, we will identify areas of opportunity for improving productivity by leveraging existing systems. We will advise you on new technology and provide input on software solutions you may be evaluating.

We are here to serve as a trusted advisor, and it is all included in your monthly plan.

How does your security training work?

Believe it or not, your company's weakest link against security threats is your employees. Implementing routine security awareness and phishing detection training can significantly decrease the likelihood of a disaster.

Our solution launches on-demand security awareness training and simulated phishing emails to empower your employees to spot potential dangers and make the right decisions.

Simulated phishing-launch test simulations mimic real-life phishing and business email attacks. By staggering deployment of these emails, we prevent employees from receiving email simultaneously, and the attacks feel more like actual threats.

Employees are more likely to retain training if it is engaging and informative. Short, animated explainer videos and quizzes provide for an engaging and measurable learning environment.

We can customize your training schedule so employee skills stay updated and make security awareness part of your company culture.

Not Sure what you need?

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